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  • Clay soil-  Clay soils tend to have poor drainage.  The tiny particles in the soil bind together when wet and prevent water from draining properly.  Plants in clay soil tend to get to much water and not enough air.  To fix this problem we recommend using Black Forest as an ammendment to break up the soil


  • Sandy soil-  Sandy soil consist of larger particles that let water drain quickly, this makes it harder for plants to absorb water properly.  Plants in sandy soil tend to dry out ouickly and not recive proper nutrients.  To fix this problem we recommend using Bumper Crop as an ammendment to add nutrients and organic matter into the soil, this will also help in retaining moisture.    


  • Loamy soil-  Loamy soil is an ideal combination of large and small particles with an adiquate amount of organic matter.  This soil will hold moisture long enough for plants to absorb water while letting the excess drain away.  We still recomend ammending the soil to replenish nutrients.  Ammendments will vary with the needs of plant material.

New Shrubs and Perennials

Lo & Behold 'Blue Chips'

This butterfly bush is billed as the only blue flowering dwarf buddleia on the market. It grows quickly to its final size of three to four feet high. Hardy to zone 5, it prefers full sun, like most buddleias. It does best in well-drained soils but is adaptable and has no serious pest or disease problems. Of course it attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees! It is useful in containers, mixed beds and wildlife gardens. A nice reliable blue is always an essential component of any gardener's palette.

'Bloomerang' Reblooming Lilac

Bloomerang is is a dwarf reblooming lilac that is a hybrid of four different varieties of lilac.  Its dwarf size allows it to be placed in just about any garden.  Its purple-pink fragrant blooms make it ideal for an open window.

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea

This pink version of an Annabelle Hydrangea is known to be very hardy.  With blooms coming from new wood you'll find that this hydrangea is much easier to maintain in northern climates. 



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