High Quality Plant material-

We strive to bring you the best plant material on the market. That's why all of our cold hardy plants are northern grown. This means they are accustomed to the winters and sharp temperature changes that we experience in our region.

Garden Design Services-

​Free in-house garden design consultation. Bring in pictures and measurements of an area to be planted and we will help guide you through the process! Dont plan on doing the work yourself? then have us do the design and installation for you! Please call for details

Large selection of shrubs

Our Mission

At Bosco's Garden Center our mission is simple: to make the world we live in a greener, healthier place to be!

Our Products

assortment of fruit and vegetables plants

What We Offer

Hanging baskets starting at $15.99

Home & Garden Center in Simsbury, CT "come grow with us"

selection of synthetic and organic fertilizers

Our Pledge

We here at Bosco's Garden Center pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention, while providing professional advice.

Great selection of plants for the pollinators

Unique assortment of home decor

Extensive selection of annuals

Blooming tropical plants